Air Display

Air Display

There’s action in the air too, with incredibly acrobatic feats that will leave you gasping in excitement.

Confirmed to return for 2013, British stunt pilot Sam Whatmough will show off his incredible acrobatic skills behind the controls of a Russian built competition winning Yak-55 aircraft.

Whatmough, who regularly competes for Great Britain in international aerobatic competitions, will perform several death defying stunts, which will include a mixture of classical aerobatics and high energy gyroscopics. It will also perform a stunning vertical tumble through the air known as the “Lomchevak”.

During the show the aircraft will be stressed to its limits handling forces between +9 and -6 G. The Yak 55 has a symetrical aerofoil which allows Whatmough to fly equally well upside down as opposed to the right way up. The stunt plane was also used by the Russian aerobatic team which triumphed in the 1984 World Aerobatic Championship.

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