Initial batch of Lotus Motorsport products confirmed for the Festival

Lotus Exige Cup V6

Lotus Motorsport have confirmed an early list of products that they will be bringing to this August’s Lotus Festival at Brands Hatch.

The highlight will no doubt be the launch of the new Lotus Exige V6 Cup and Lotus Exige V6 Cup race cars. The Cup car will be aimed at those who do track days but want a road legal car while the race car will no doubt become the backbone of Lotus Cup race series throughout the world for years to come. Alongside these new Exige Cup cars will be the race proven Evora which has its own track-specials, and Lotus Motorsport will be bringing the GTC, GTN and GT4 amongst others. There are also a number of Evoras racing at the festival in Lotus Cup UK.

If that’s not extreme enough, the Lotus Type 125 brings Formula 1 to trackday customers, with a 640bhp engine in a single seater weighing half a tonne. Lighter still is the Lotus Kart, providing a starting point for talented drivers that may one day race a real F1 car for the marque.

Finally the least powerful Lotus of all is nevertheless still a world-beater. 20 years ago Chris Boardman pulverised the opposition at the Barcelona Olympics thanks to a revolutionary carbon composite monocoque bicycle designed by Lotus. The Type 108 heads to Brands Hatch not only in London’s Olympic year, but just a few weeks before the circuit hosts the Paralympic Road Cycling events.

You can see more information on the Lotus Motorsport vehicles present at the Lotus Festival here:

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