Owners of 340Rs invited to take part in this year’s Lotus Festival

Organisers of this year’s Lotus Festival are hoping to gather together as many 340Rs as possible at the event, which will be held on 24/25 August.

The 340R was released in 2000 and based on the popular Elise platform. Designed to be the ultimate expression of the lightweight aluminium bonded chassis, it was shorn of all unnecessary extras, including doors, roof and even luggage compartment.

A highly-tuned version on the 1.8 K-series engine generated 177bhp but many owners upgraded to an aftermarket kit offering 190bhp. Some owners even opted to fit more powerful units, including the Honda VTEC in supercharged form. 340 examples were originally built at the factory, and many still survive today.

LoTRDC are now looking for as many of these as possible and their appeal to owners includes free weekend tickets, the opportunity to take part in a special parade lap and an exclusive display area for the cars.

If you own a 340R and would like to attend the festival please forward details to paul@lotrdc.com

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