Rally hot-rides available at the Lotus Festival this weekend!

rallymaster lotus festival

Whilst the Lotus rally specials will be sliding their way around the Brands Hatch tarmac stage, spectators keen on getting a lot closer to the action will be able to take part in hot rides. A choice of MSV’s high-revving 150bhp Peugeot 206s and 4WD 210bhp Escort Cosworths are available, both of which are bound to provide an adrenaline-pumping ride!

In addition to the rush of watching the scenery pass at high speed, you can also watch the drivers at work, sawing at the wheel and dancing on the pedals as they slide around the bends. Rides can be booked on the day for just £25, from Hailwoods Restaurant at the foot of Paddock Hill bend.

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