Rare Elanbulance joins 50th anniversary celebrations

elanbulance lotus festival 2012

One of the rarest Lotus cars of all will be on show at this August’s Lotus Festival. Just two Hexagon-modified Elan shooting brakes were made and one will be on public display at Brands Hatch.

The estate body was achieved by cutting off the rear of an Elan and bonding a new, Reliant Scimitar-inspired section, complete with lifting tailgate. Highgate-based Hexagon, which still exists as a BMW dealer, eschewed the Elan +2 in favour of the Sprint, so whilst it only has two seats, performance is as crisp as the best of the breed.

With the original Elan celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2012, no collection would be complete without the 40-year old Hexagon conversion, nick-named the ‘Elanbulance’. Thanks to a price tag that added nearly 25% to the price of an Elan Sprint, just two of a planned 50-car production run were built. With one car in Sweden, the model you will see at the festival now lives in France, so is a very rare chance to see a car that has entered Lotus folklore.

You can see more pictures & magazine clippings of this car, and information on other rare Lotus’s on display at the festival here: www.lotus-festival.com/special-lotus-cars

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