2016 Show and Shine Winners

With a record number of entries, judging was very tricky this year for the winning cars in the Show and Shine Competition. Not a concours d’elegance, the judging is based on the condition of the car at the time and also the back story of the owner and car are taken into account.

  • Pre-74: David Brown – Mk1 Lotus Cortina
  • 1974-1995: Fabian Steele – Lotus Esprit S1
  • 1996-2008: Dan Sands – Lotus Exige S
  • Post 2009: James Watson – Lotus Evora
  • Best in Show: Roger Penn – Elan S4 SE
  • Honourable mention: Chris Cole – Turbo Esprit

Thanks to all who entered, congratulations to the winners and also thanks to Guy Munday for assistance with the judging.







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