Quarter century for M100

The 2014 Lotus Festival at Brands Hatch will be celebrating 25 years of the Elan M100 with a special display dedicated to the second-generation roadster. In conjunction with Lotus Elan Central, owners are invited to join in the festivities with free entry to the event and a special display area. There’s even a chance to take part in a lap of the circuit for those parked with the main display.

The Elan was the first all-new Lotus road car to be manufactured after the passing of Lotus founder Colin Chapman. Developed under the stewardship of GM, the roadster used an Isuzu engine, in both turbocharged and normally-aspirated form.

Unlike any other car from Lotus, the Elan M100’s engine drives the front wheels, and GM hoped that this would entice hot hatch owners into their sportscar. On sale in 1989, the new Elan was named to evoke memories of the 60s classic. It was praised for its handling, but sales did not match the company’s hopes, especially with Mazda copying the original Elan’s looks and front-engine, rear-drive layout. The project was scrapped in 1992, during the recession, and GM put the company up for sale. The new owners revived the ‘affordable Lotus’ whilst its replacement, the Elise, was developed.

A quarter of a century on, the Elan M100 is a rare and sought-after car, with second hand values much higher than its Japanese rival. To celebrate the anniversary, a display of 25 cars is planned by leading club Lotus Elan Central. Owners are invited to register their Elan, with free entry and parking at the event, plus the chance to show off their pride and joy.

To register your Elan M100 and obtain a free ticket plus parking in the special area please email paul@lotrdc.com.

Requests for free tickets and vehicle pass close 10th August.


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